What Career Boosting Courses Should You Consider?

You’ve probably already heard the old saying that you should keep “upgrading” your professional knowledge because the skills you have now may be outdated in a few years. However, if you’re like 3/4 of working professionals, you lack both the time and money to take university courses.

But if you take these cost-effective short-term courses, you’ll be able to improve your skills:


Take a Blogging Course

With more businesses relying on online communications, taking a blogging workshop can give you the skills to interact confidently on the internet. For many professionals, a blog gives you a 24-hour showcase of your personality and expertise that can give you greater industry visibility.

Blogs also cost very little, and can even be free on platforms like WordPress and Blogger. A two-week course can familiarize you with all of the basic tools you need to run an attractive and informative blog.


Take a FISCA Financial Planning Workshop

If you’re in the financial services industry, taking a FISCA workshop is one of the most cost-effective courses available. With membership, you can join a wide range of events and seminars that typically cost hundreds of dollars on their own.

The best thing about a FISCA workshop is that it’s localized and face-to-face, which is better than learning through textbooks and online coaching.

Take a Computer Repair Course

Having a computer today is a necessity. But like any other electronic device, it’ll need repairs at some point. Taking a computer repair course is beneficial, because it’ll give you skills that can benefit both you and your company.

You can even use your computer repair skills to get some extra income from freelance work. Most computer repair work is for minor problems that can be fixed in under an hour and at prices ranging from $80 – $200 


Take a Business English Course

Taking a business English course can give you the edge you need to communicate with clients well. That’s especially important in high-profile industries such as marketing and public relations where you’ll need to “speak” for your company and clients.

Thankfully, there are many organizations that offer business English courses, such as The British Council. Some courses come with a price tag exceeding $1,000, but the payoff can far exceed the cost of enrollment.